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Welcome to Eco Sourcing Hub, a procurement agency with an extensive background in supply chain management across a diverse range of industries, with wealth of experience and network of suppliers in metal fabrication & machining, plastic moulding, machining, and forming. We are specialized in new product development, and take pride in our commitment to excellence and our dedication to the success of our partners. 

We believe that procurement carries immense responsibilities in enhancing the success of organisations. Finding the right balance between value  and cost is fundamental to procurement activities and a defining factor for future success of the organisation. Equally important is our commitment to environmental sustainability and emissions reduction, recognizing that organisation must embrace sustainability to remain future-proof. 

At Eco Sourcing Hub, we believe in playing our role in driving sustainability within the supply chain. We simplify the process, understanding that sustainability is not an option but a necessity to build a resilient organisation. Our primary objective is to assist manufacturers, businesses and organisations in achieving carbon neutrality and eventually progressing towards Net-Zero. We achieve this by aiding in sourcing and resolving the challenges within the supply chain. 

We’ve witnessed numerous initiatives and plans across various organisations in the UK, focusing on limiting their environmental impact through recycling, solar panels, electric cars, awareness campaigns, and more. However, what we believe is missing in some of these initiatives is a comprehensive plan for carbon reduction. We envision a holistic approach where all these efforts are integrated into a unified plan considering all aspects, starting with measuring the initial point and setting clear goals towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions. 

Our approach involves meticulous identification, management, and reduction of risks associated with procurement. This includes precise calculation and management of emissions and costs, always seeking opportunities to optimize expenses. We strive to work closely with our partners, embarking on a journey towards carbon neutrality. Recognizing that this endeavour cannot be achieved alone, we have established a robust network of suppliers committed to sustainable practices. Moreover, we continuously forge new partnerships with suppliers, guiding them towards contributing to this shared goal. 

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