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At Eco Sourcing Hub, our approach involves identifying, managing, and reducing procurement risks, with a focus on calculating and managing carbon emissions and costs to enhance sustainability. We offer the following services:

Carbon Footprint Calculation: Using the GHG Protocol, we calculate carbon emissions for the entire organisation or at the product level through Product Lifecycle Assessments (LCA). This serves as the first step in understanding our emissions and how your strategic or tactical decisions may reduce or increase them, leading to the creation of strong environmental guidance.

Carbon Management: We assist in calculating, reporting, reducing, and monitoring carbon emissions. Working closely with our clients, we develop comprehensive carbon reduction plans, ensuring well-informed decisions and organized actions are planned to achieve their environmental objectives. This plan guides operational and strategic decisions to be valued environmentally, future-proofing their business.

Welcome to Eco Sourcing Hub, a sustainability and procurement consultancy with extensive experience in supply chain management across a diverse range of industries.

We are committed to driving sustainability within the supply chain, viewing it as a necessity for building a resilience. Our objective is to assist manufacturers, businesses, and organisations in reducing their carbon footprint and progressing towards Net-Zero. To achieve this, we simplify the process and provide support in sourcing while addressing challenges within the supply chain.

We acknowledge the significant role procurement plays in enhancing the success of your organisations. We help you find the right balance between value and cost. Equally important is your commitment to environmental sustainability and emissions reduction. We support you in embracing sustainability to remain future-proof.

Our Values:


We prioritise responsible and ethical procurement practices, focusing on sustainability for the planet, people, and prosperity. Our commitment is to minimise environmental impact, support local communities, and foster responsible sourcing for a balanced, sustainable future.


We are dedicated to ongoing learning, keeping us at the forefront of industry advancements. Through a culture of learning, we equip ourselves to offer innovative solutions to our clients that optimise outcomes and surpass expectations.


Integrity is our guiding light, steering us towards delivering ethical solutions. We prioritise transparency, honesty, and clarity in all our interactions with clients. Upholding moral and ethical standards, we foster trust and credibility and ensure that the solutions we propose align with our clients’ best interests.


We are committed to delivering nothing short of the best and helping our clients reach the same standard. We set high benchmarks, continually strive to exceed expectations, and showcase unparalleled expertise. Excellence is what we do, what we deliver, and what we help our customers achieve.


We believe in the power of unity, bringing our team, clients, and partners together. Open communication, active participation, and collective knowledge drive our approach. By valuing diverse perspectives and seamlessly integrating them, we amplify creativity, enhance problem-solving, and deliver excellent solutions.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to foster a sustainable and innovative procurement ecosystem, prioritising environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social responsibility. Our steadfast commitment to integrity, excellence, and collaboration empowers supply chains to enhance operations, reduce emissions, and lower costs while maintaining a focus on ethical practices. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions, we strive to reshape procurement practices, creating a more sustainable world for everyone.

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Our Vision:

Our vision is to revolutionise procurement into a catalyst for sustainable progress. We envision a future where every link in the supply chain embodies sustainability, effortlessly integrating innovative approaches to minimise environmental impact while optimising operational efficiency. We aim to create a world where businesses flourish through responsible procurement, contributing significantly to a healthier planet and prosperity for all.

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