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Our carbon experts are available to assist you in your carbon efforts—from understanding your carbon and gathering data , emissions reporting to implementing reduction strategies, all the way to achieving Net Zero.

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We offer both NHS providers and suppliers the full carbon service to assist them in fulfilling their requirements under the Green NHS and the Public Contracting Requirement.

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We provide you with reduction activities to help you build your carbon reduction plan.



We help you calculate your carbon footprint yearly and report on your achievements.

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To assist you in creating a carbon reduction plan, we will need to calculate your carbon footprint annually. For this, we offer a subscription model to support you with all the necessary tools for your carbon calculation and reduction plan. Prices vary depending on the size of your company and the work involved, starting from £99/month. However, the cost savings that result from this initiative typically self-fund the journey.

All our calculations adhere to the GHG Protocol standard and ISO, and we design the CRP to meet the requirements of PPN0621.

We can supply your requirements under Essentia Trading’s energy-saving LED lighting framework for the NHS and other public sectors, or under the YPO Framework. Both frameworks offer a free service to NHS Trusts, supporting the entire process from bidding for grant monies through tendering the work to the delivery of the solution.

We specialize in delivering carbon savings to the healthcare sector. Drawing on this experience, we effectively de-risk your projects and add value at every stage.

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