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Procurement Solutions

We take great pride in our proficiency in assisting clients with alternative sourcing to mitigate supply challenges by diversifying sources and nurturing relationships. Through rigorous research and comprehensive analysis, we will help our clients in developing, and building a network of dependable suppliers capable of delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. Our commitment to identifying suppliers sharing similar values enables our clients to not only benefit from quality and competitive pricing but also derive satisfaction from supporting a ethical, environmentally-friendly approach to business.

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Carbon Footprint Calculation

We strictly adhere to internationally recognized standards and employ the GHG Protocol to calculate carbon emissions either throughout the entire supply chain or on a product-level basis by assessing the product life cycle footprint. This initial step empowers our clients to proactively manage emissions and gain a precise understanding of critical emission points. Our services include delivering comprehensive reports pinpointing emission sources and providing actionable recommendations for effective mitigation and reduction. By doing so, we enable our clients to make well-informed decisions, driving their efforts towards reducing carbon footprints and adopting sustainable business practices across the value chain. 

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Carbon Management

We are eager to work with our clients who prioritize the environment in all their endeavours. Our objective is to jointly develop a comprehensive carbon reduction plan, ensuring well-informed decisions and organized actions have been taken to achieve their environmental objectives. We work closely with our clients to craft a customized carbon reduction plan aligned with their company's sustainability goals. Our role involves identifying emission reduction opportunities, implementing effective strategies, and tracking progress over time, ensuring a dedicated and informed approach toward a more sustainable future

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Procurement plays a pivotal role in successful New product developments; however, it is a demanding process that requires significant resources. Our service is crafted to alleviate the procurement burden, enabling our clients to focus on innovation. Evaluating their current supply base to identify and collaborate with their best-performing suppliers. However if additional suppliers are needed, our extensive network can provide valuable choices to guide the decision. This early supplier engagement guides the project to understand costs, availability, and reliability of the choices. Working closely with their internal or external designers, empowering them to navigate the procurement landscape seamlessly, ultimately leading to successful and competitive introduction.

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Flexible Procurement Resources

When you experiences surges in procurement demand due to staff shortages, supply base relocations, unexpected shortages, or other specific needs. Whether it's general or specific categories needs. Our temporary procurement resources function will work as an extension of the company team, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimized procurement strategies. Partner with us for a flexible and reliable resource solution.

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Supplier Selection

This service is designed to empower companies with a multifaceted approach to supplier valuation. We analyse various parameters such as capability, capacity, performance, financial stability, reliability, compliance with regulations, sustainability practices, and overall reputation. We delve into the supplier's track record, assessing their ability to meet our clients deadlines, deliver consistent quality, and adapt to changing market dynamics. Through this evaluation, we will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential risks associated with each supplier. This equips our clients with a clear understanding of the supplier landscape and the value each potential partner may bring to the supply chain.

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