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Eco Sourcing Hub

A sustainability & procurement consultancy helping school in implementing best solutions to reduce both costs and emissions for schools. Our services includes securing funds to achieve net-zero not only within budget but also generating surplus funds to expand the school's overall capabilities.


Reduce Costs & Emissions and Secure Funds for Future-Proofed Schools.









Carbon Neutrality
We help schools on their journey towards carbon neutrality by engaging school staff, students, and parents.
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Footprint Calculation
We use the GHG Protocol to calculate carbon emissions as the first step in understanding the school's overall emissions and identifying hotspots.
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Carbon Management
MEASURE, TRACK, ENGAGE, REDUCE. We work with the school to develop a comprehensive carbon reduction plan, ensuring well-informed decisions and organized actions have been planned to achieve their environmental objectives.
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Cost Reduction Plan to Maximize the School Budget

Schools are feeling the mounting pressure due to the increase in operating costs with limited funds available. We help schools examine high-spending areas and develop solutions to improve efficiency and maximize the benefits.
We are excited to introduce our supported procurement service, which focuses on delivering results while considering the limited time and resources of the school's procurement team. With this service, we benchmark and present multiple cost-effective options to the school on an advisory basis, allowing decision-makers to have sufficient information to make informed decisions
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About Us

Eco Sourcing Hub is a procurement agency with an extensive background in supply chain management across a diverse range of industries, with wealth of experience and network of school suppliers.

Why Us?

We support schools in delivering the best for our children by providing all available options and relieving the burden from the school team.

We prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness to ensure that the school receives the best value for money without compromising on quality.

We also prioritize eco-friendly practices, promoting sustainability and engaging students and staff in achieving a net-zero impact. Together, we strive for a greener, cleaner future.

Your extended Procurement Team

We function as an extension of the school's procurement team, specializing in sourcing, testing, and evaluating options. Our service is entirely advisory, with a focus on improving efficiency and saving schools valuable time during decision-making. Collaborating with us grants schools access to expert guidance and support for cost-saving opportunities throughout their procurement activities.

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Your Trusted Partners

Highly Motivated with Innovative Ideas

Conducting a comprehensive cost analysis and category spend review will ensure that all hidden opportunities for cost reduction throughout the entire expenditure are captured, assuring that your supplier’s commitment to quality, punctual delivery, and precise specifications remains steadfast


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Reduce Cost, Emissions & Risks

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